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We offer the following shipping options:

Priority Mail (3-5 days) on request
$15.50 minimum
Media Mail & First Class (7-10 days)
$3-$5 +
UPS Second Day Air on request
$18.00 minimum
UPS Next Day Air on request
$30.00  minimum


Payment Methods
If you are interested in purchasing items on an authorized purchase order without utilizing the online PayPal shopping feature, you may do so by EMAILING your order to lexicon.press@yahoo.com. We no longer accept telephone faxes.
If you pay by personal check and mail us your order, it will ship within one business week after check clearance. 
We accept authorized Purchase Orders from clinics, hospitals, schools, and so forth.  Terms are Net 30 days with late payments generating 2% per month.  

Privacy Policy
Contact information including email address, telephone number, home address and so forth, which is provided by the user is used for completing the order. Customers automatically opt into our mailings for new products, special offerings, and so forth, once they have provided their physical or email address. Financial information including credit card numbers, expiration dates, billing address is used solely to bill the customer for an order.

Returns Policy
Claims for returns of defective disks or printed product must be made in writing within 10 days after receipt of the order. Prompt refunds for prepaid orders less shipping, handling and restocking charges of 20%.  Products must be returned to our offices within 30 days of receipt and in marketable condition with unbroken seals and/or shrink wrapping or all charges will apply.  We will not refund for digital product that has been opened unless it has been found to be digitally defective. There is sufficient information provided on this site to make a reasonable decision on product appropriateness for specific needs before making a purchase.  No returns are accepted without a return authorization number and instructions issued by our office which must be issued within ten days of receipt of the items ordered.

Shipping/Handling Policy
At our option shipping and handling charges may range from about three to five dollars on each individual item with a charge of two to three  dollars for each additional item on the same purchase order, however,  some items may be charged at a higher rate. Mandatory shipping charges may apply to PayPal, Amazon or other distributors, for which you may be billed. Most orders shipped outside the USA will be charged a minimum of 10%.  All hardbound/softbound/ digital product are normally shipped via Media Mail or First Class Mail at our discretion.
How to Order
If you are sending us an order by mail, use the online catalog numbers shown with their corresponding titles.  Orders must be: Prepaid for Individuals (check, or money order), or chargeable on an authorized agency Purchase Order to be billed separately to your Accounts Payable department.  Orders may be mailed to:  LEXICON PRESS, 1026 N 22nd St, BILLINGS, MT 59101
Product Description and Licensure
Unless otherwise specified, all products are digital and sold on CD-ROMs.  By purchasing any of our digital product you agree that it is a licensed item. CD-ROM products are licensed to a single end-user and may contain reproducible matter, that is, matter that may be printed on a personal or office printer, for single classroom or personal  usage.  Disk copying is forbidden. 
Unless otherwise stipulated all product can be printed on standard or legal paper. Generally, picture cards are formatted either 4-up or 8-up to a page.  Some printed product may require cutting and assembly. Some products on our website may be purchased individually, or as a Series. For example, Language Lotto contains five disks that are all part of a series and they may be purchased separately.  Whenever possible and feasible, and at our option, we reserve the right to COMBINE the contents of multiple disks of a series onto a single CD-ROM. 
Copyrighted Materials

All rights are reserved.  The works listed on this site are licensed to, and for use by, the purchaser, or the end user, for example, a hired professional, if the purchaser is an agency.  No part of these works may be reproduced or copied in any other form or by any other means except those parts herein described. Permission is granted for multiple duplication, that is printing on a personal home or office printer, of the digitized materials and then only for single classroom or single client usage.


Multiple duplications, that is printing,  for any agency, entire schools, departments within schools, or an entire school district is forbidden. Multiple reproductions for persons other than the individual(s) who is the end receiver of the printed product, that is, the client/ patient/ student, etc., are forbidden including graphic, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, taping, or storage of any of the data in information and retrieval systems.  Artwork is for viewing purposes only. The purchaser agrees to abide by the terms herein contained and Lexicon Press reserves the right to cancel the licensed use of the product for violation or infringement.  LEXICON PRESS, 1026 N 22nd St, Billings, MT 59101 


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