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The Cutting Contract
 Velma Neeley
 Do you want your young students to learn a better way to cut?  This new method is easy to instruct and easily learned by preschools and children with special needs.  This is a paced approached to learning to cut and easily eliminates a frustrating experience for young hands. Children will learn a new way to hold scissors.           

 After having practiced cutting short and long lines and how to stop cutting, the

 child will begin cutting off corners. At this point the child is instructed to turn the

 paper towards the scissors while cutting instead of turning the scissors to follow

 lines. The practice of cutting off corners is done in preparation for the curved line

 contrats and the rounded shapes presented on individual contracts. Sixteen

 puzzles are presented and arranged in hierarchies which correspond to the

 individual cutting contracts provided in the program. They include:

1.  Contract A - Duck Puzzle2.  Contract B - Octopus Puzzle3.  Contract C - Porcupine Puzzle4.  Contract D - Turtle Puzzle5.  Contract E - Clown Fish Puzzle6.  Contract F - Snake Puzzle7.  Contract G - Leopard Puzzle8.  Contract H - Lobster Puzzle9.  Contract I - Goldfish Puzzle10.  Contract J - Indian Puzzle11.  Contract K - Alligator Puzzle12.  Contract L - Gingerbread Boy Puzzle13.  Contract M - Moth Puzzle14.  Contract N – Walrus, Sun, and Igloo Puzzle15.  Contract O - Balls Puzzle16.  No Contract - Can You Cut Out An Angel Fish?

 Print in black and white or in Color  Every page is formated to print on 8 1/2 x 11

 inch paper. Just open the file and print. Make extra copies for kids to take home

 and practice. CD-Rom containing reproducible content. 

Item #985

Price $10.95 


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