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Language Lotto Series: Basic Concepts - English/Spanish
Lance Tsugawa, MS, CCC and Jose Salinas
 The Language Lotto Series: Basic Concepts consists of approximately 400 lotto games from five CD-ROMS which can be used to teach basic vocabulary concepts that are commonly tested by standardized language instruments. The games may be played in either English or Spanish and appropriate stimuli have been provided in both languages. More than 5000 illustrations are provided along with 8,000 verbal English and Spanish phrases and/or sentences.  Reproducible content. Make extra copies for the kids to take home and play.

  Price $49.95 

Picture This Series! Disks 1-14 - 1000+ Illustrations
 Picture This Series!  Pictures from disks 1-14 contain 1000+ high quality thematically organized pictures presented on a CD-Rom.  The pictures have been formatted 4-up to a sheet with cut marks for slicing.  Noun selection for this series was taken from the 1000 most commonly recognized items, or nouns occurring in reading at the elementary level. Print in black and white or in Color. Reproducible content on disk.  Make extra copies for kids to take home.
  Price $29.95 

Parts to Whole Fun - Spanish
 Critical thinking, matching, reasoning, visual closure. You name it!  Matching parts to wholes can be fun. Forty-eight printable cards (twenty-four paired items) are included in this deck that has everything from a ham sandwich to a Gingerbread Man. Print in black and white or in Color.
  Price $10.95 

Mingo's Lotto: Animals, Food, Clothing and Household Furnishings
One hundred twenty printable lotto boards, half in English and half in Spanish. The boards are also useful for matching, deductive reasoning and visual discrimination activities. Print in black and white or in Color.
  Price $29.95 

Sorting Fun: Spanish
 There are a total of 28 paired picture cards in the Sorting Fun package. Use for classification and sorting activities. Appropriate for any age group. Make individual sets of cards for children in your class to take home. The cards are numbered and reproducible for single classroom usage.  Fifty-six cards in total. Provided on CD ROM.  Print in black and white or in Color.
  Price $10.95 

They Belong Together - Spanish
 El pájaro y el nido. El béisbol y el guante de béisbol. They belong together! There are a total of 56 picture cards in the They Belong Together deck. Appropriate for any age group. Make individual sets of cards for children in your class to take home. The cards are numbered and reproducible for single classroom usage. Print in black and white or in Color. CD-Rom with reproducible content.
  Price $10.95 

The Function of Things - Spanish
 Usado para planchar la ropa. ¡La plancha, por su puesto! Illustrations with current up-to-date and commonly used mech-anical and non-mechanical devices. Print a second set for matching activities, too. Teach children the use and function of various household items and equipment. Print in B & W or Color.

  Price $10.95 

Following Directions Fun: Spanish
Alberto Ramiro Gamez - Art Design
 Sacuda la cabeza y lluego cierre los ojos.Build a child’s self-confidence while teaching important follow directions skills. Fun-packed activities for young children. Includes basic concepts, body parts, spatial relationships. Great group activity where every child can be involved as an actor-participant. Print in black and white or in color. Make additional sets for children to take home and play with family members. Draw more one or more cards from a deck to build memory for following direction skills.

  Price $10.95 

What Does Not Belong? (Spanish or English)
 The What Does Not Belong contains fifty-six cards with either three or four items printed to a card. One item on each card does not belong. Children learn about categorization. Great for engaging children in conversation. Print in B & W or Color.
  Price $10.95 

Mingo's Bingo: Complete English/Spanish Versions
 Each of the Mingo’s Bingo categories includes 16 printable bingo boards, and a call sheet. There are general food items, clothing, and, fruits and veggies. English or Spanish versions are included on one disk. Bingo boards may be used to play bingo in the traditional manner. Print in black and white or in Color on your printer. Reproducible content.
  Price $34.95 


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